Why Am I Running…Again?

Let me start by thanking you for allowing me this last term, to share my vision for the future and to actually get to move forward toward achieving those goals.

Four years ago, you elected me, Mayor. You said you wanted me to, “Step up the city’s game and make new things happen. Keep our taxes reasonable, be transparent, make the city more dynamic while protecting our history, make it fun, and above all keep us and our kids and grandkids safe.”

Well here we are four years later. Covid-19, Protests, contaminated water, flooding, and lots more and yet through it all we kept moving forward dynamically with the 6 boroughs of RIVERWALK: Northtown, Frenchtown, North Main Live, Historic South Main, Riverpointe, and South City. Five and a half miles and over two billion dollars of dynamic, private sector, riverfront investment and health growth. Our tourism driven sales tax income is slated to provide a revenue stream to keep our taxes low and public safety and services among the best in the Metro.

Our Police and Fire departments are among the best in the entire Gateway. We have great partnerships with the other St. Charles County responders. Our ambulance response time is down from 8 minutes to 4!

We now have a 24/7, live hotline for snow plowing information and other related crisis’.

I’ve opened the lines of communication with you through a monthly newsletter and Town Hall Ward meetings, Hey Mayor Dan on the website comes directly to me..and I respond personally. I need to know what you think and those three things have been a great asset to me in understanding WHAT you want me to do.

I believe I have the strength and drive to keep making things better. I’d appreciate your continued support to help me bring all these projects to completion.

-Mayor Dan